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A #metoo moment? Did Former AG Loretta Lynch sexually molest former FBI Director James Comey?

Before you roll your eyes on this, imagine a slight change of roles. Replace the clunky female boss, with a shlubby white male, say a Harvey Weinstein/Ron Perlman/Al Franken look alike, and replace the tall handsome square-jawed male underlying trying to hold onto his job with a tall attractive female assistant called into the office and worrying about being fired. That said, here’s the story.

In a lengthy piece by Jason Beale at the Federalist, he explores the possibility that Comey lied to IG Horowitz about why he reopened the investigation into Clinton’s criminal email operation. In it, he quotes extensively from statements made by Comey and Lynch to the IG investigators. Reading the piece, one little tidbit popped out at me, something not commented on by Beale as it wasn’t relevant to his analysis. There was no sex angle in his analysis.

The IG report, he says, quotes Comey as saying,

“So the two of us went into the AG’s private office…and I went over to sit in a chair and she closed the door and turned around and started walking at me with her head down and her arms out and came up to me because I’m so ridiculously tall and pressed her head, her face against my solar plexus and wrapped her arms around me and hugged me and then I kind of awkwardly—I’m not a hugger because I’m a giraffe—and so I kind of patted the Attorney General’s back and then the embrace—she broke the embrace and then said, ‘I just wanted to give you a hug.’”

No asking, no permission, aggressive touching, awkward reactions, just wanted to do it. What say the sentries of virtue? Well, she is a liberal. Probably doesn’t count.

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