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What I learned after about a week of blogging

For a long time I had planned to do a political blog and purchased the current domain back then for that purpose. Time constraints militated against it. For years I would write in my head the many clever and witty things I would say about the day’s current events. And so I finally sallied forth with this blog.

I started compiling notes and lists and links to what I wanted to comment on. I soon realized that I could easily spend 5 or 6 hours a day doing this stuff and having fun. It was on the verge of addictive. That doesn’t even account for the question of whether my wit was funny, a complete turn-off or something in between.

The main problem is that I don’t have 5 hours a day to blog. I have a large number of encompassing separate interests that absorb most of my time and energy. Finding time to do this on a continual day to day level is hard. So, I have decided to slightly re-evaluate my goals.

I want to do more time-consuming think pieces about where I want libertarianism to go. So, I will slow do less frequent current events bon mots. I’m sure I’ll do a few along the way (just eat one chip.) There are many places where you can find that sort of daily snark. Truth be told, I am planning to do a book on the Agoranist point of view and why it is a better system for protecting people against predators than sovereign governments. I’m hoping some of my posts will generate discussion to help me improve my arguments.

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