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New York Least Free State: Cato Report

The Cato Institute released its annual survey ranking the 50 states from least free to most free. New York continues to hold fast to its title as the least free state. Rounding out the bottom five are    Hawaii (49), California (48), New Jersey (47), Vermont (46).

The five freest states, according to the Cato methodology, are Florida (1), New Hampshire (2), Indiana (3),  Colorado (4), and Nevada (5).

Reader Comments

  1. That Cato web page with the map was very interesting in that you can select different categories of liberty. For example, Vermont was 46th overall, but it was in the 6-15 category for personal liberty.

    1. Yeah. That’s what happens when some people like half of your ideas and others like the other half. Striking a balance is the hard part. I’m not sure there is really a good way to do that.

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