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Sen. Warren and Cultural Obliteration

It’s not often noticed, but the Hitler-style racial identity politics of the Democratic Party base often works to obliterate the cultural identities of the people being offered special racial advantages. The recent Elizabeth Warren DNA fiasco illustrates that somewhat.

To briefly summarize, Warren spent much of her professional career claiming to be part Cherokee Indian and used that in her various biographies and Harvard used it in their faculty identifications. The claim was generally recognized as utter nonsense and critics challenged her to take DNA tests. How many secret tests she took before finding one that could even hint at the vague possibility that it might be possible, we don’t know, and the recent test results that she released provide zero evidence that she is of Cherokee heritage.

The report said only that there was a possibility that 6 to 10 generations ago there “might” be a possibility that she had “Native American” DNA. The public debate over this report bounced around between See, her claim is true to the possibility she is only 1/64th or 1/1024th possibility that it is true but the amount is so little that it is the equivalent of the old Democratic Party slavery view that one drop of negro blood makes you a negro. Both sides are wrong, and that is where the cultural suppression begins.

To begin with, there is no such thing as a “Native American.” Human life, according to all current scientific theories, began in Africa, probably in Ethiopia. Migrants from that initial grouping formed all the different races and ethnic groupings all over the world. The Americas were inhabited by different immigrant groups, from different cultures, with different genetic bases, arriving by different routes, at different times and places. The earliest arrivals probably came over a no-longer existing land bridge between Asia and Alaska.

To put it simply, Cherokees, Incas and Aztecs are not the same people, the same culture, or the same genetic group. In the DNA bases for ethnic groups there is no meaningful sample of Cherokees. The database used to prove Warrens bona fides consisted of Peruvians and Mexicans, some of whom may already have had genetic traits resulting from interbreeding with other genetic groups.

So when people say that Warren proved her case or only has a tiny percentage of “Native American” DNA they are saying, in principle, that there is no cultural or genetic difference between Cherokees and Incas and Aztecs. This is nonsense. There is zero evidence that Liz Warren is a Cherokee and the attempt to meld Cherokees in with Aztecs and Incas is a form of racism and cultural obliteration. But that’s what race-identity politics does to a culture.

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