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A different kind of death- spiral for the Obamacrap Medical program

One of the concerns about Obama’s “Patient Punishment and Unaffordable Health Care Act,” was that without a mandate that slaves must buy government designed health plans (which were mostly anti-insurance subsidy programs that shifted medical care from one group of patients to a different group of patients and priced many middle-class families out of the health care market) the program would go into a financial death spiral, with fewer drones buying such ridiculous insurance plans, thereby raising the costs of insurance that the other slaves would have to purchase. Other concerns were that there would be death panels determining who should be allowed to live or die (a basic socialist necessity for allotting diminishing resources.) Now it looks like the program may actually be causing people to die. Just another case of socialist bad luck I guess.

Socialism, by definition, equals slavery. Well isn’t that idealistic?

Recent studies show that our ill-educated millennials think that socialism is cool. I don’t think they know what socialism is. They seem to think its some sort of system where Mom and Dad, or the next door neighbor, work at their favorite fun jobs while subsidizing the kid who wants to hang out with the BFFs at the café, sipping coffee made from only the most expensive beans, or nightclub hop while checking their social media and Instagramming their lovely cocktail, or expound to whoever will listen about what a rotten job their better-educated parents made of the world, or furiously argue over which movie or pop song was coolest. Oops.

Given how idealistic these folks are, I thought I would help them understand where there ideals lead.
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