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New York Least Free State: Cato Report

The Cato Institute released its annual survey ranking the 50 states from least free to most free. New York continues to hold fast to its title as the least free state. Rounding out the bottom five are    Hawaii (49), California (48), New Jersey (47), Vermont (46).

The five freest states, according to the Cato methodology, are Florida (1), New Hampshire (2), Indiana (3),  Colorado (4), and Nevada (5).

There is no such thing as Democratic Socialism

When I hear someone call themselves a Democratic Socialist, I’m reminded of a common cartoon trope where one of the dumber characters in the strip takes two large bulky household appliances that have no functional connection to each other and tapes them together, claiming to have invented a hot new …Continue Reading “There is no such thing as Democratic Socialism”

Rand versus Individual Rights: A critique of Rand’s essay on “The Nature of Government”

I have written an essay titled “Rand versus Individual Rights: a critique of Rand’s essay on ‘The Nature of Government.'”  You can read her original essay here. This is her essay where she attacks what was then called anarcho-capitalism. A friend who reviewed my piece wrote me:

When you think about it, “The Nature of Government” probably has generated more discussion about the so-called “minarchist” versus “anarchist” position than any other single essay … beginning with Roy Childs’s first essay “Objectivism and the State: An Open Letter to Ayn Rand”… which led the Randians to close his subscription to The Objectivist.

I hadn’t read the essay in a very long time, back when I was in the Objectivist orbit (but not quite an acolyte), and thought I should revisit it from my present perspective. I think the title of the essay tells you how I reacted. I’m checking out a couple of essays written by others in the Objectivist realm and if any interesting new arguments develop, I’ll publish a response.

Hope you’ll make use of the comments to get a discussion going.

The Hierarchy of Values and the Ambiguity of Fairness

Anything, at any place and at any time, that anyone wants to interact with, positively or negatively, is a value to that individual. The item desired might be physical property, an idea, a dream to be realized, a goal to be achieved, a person’s characteristics, a memory, an invention planned out in one’s mind, a principle of behavior, a propensity for truth, a vision …Continue Reading “The Hierarchy of Values and the Ambiguity of Fairness”

A #metoo moment? Did Former AG Loretta Lynch sexually molest former FBI Director James Comey?

Before you roll your eyes on this, imagine a slight change of roles. Replace the clunky female boss, with a shlubby white male, say a Harvey Weinstein/Ron Perlman/Al Franken look alike, and replace the tall …Continue Reading “A #metoo moment? Did Former AG Loretta Lynch sexually molest former FBI Director James Comey?”

The Trump-Krugman Star Wars Alliance

Paul Krugman is the NY Times economics columnist tasked with the goal of explaining why any free market achievement is really a horrific disaster and that persons escaping poverty aren’t really that thrilled about the change. He even won a Nobel Prize. I think it was for Economic Fiction but I don’t see any purpose in checking it out.

Anyhow, during the reign of the Emperor Obama Ignoramus the First (EOIF), when the government did it all it could to delay the economic recovery, Paul Krugman chirped in with a brilliant suggestion. The way to get out of the recession would be for the Emperor to prepare for a war with Mars. After all, it is common knowledge among economists that King Roosevelt the Wretched, having failed to lift us sufficiently out of the depression with his various Hitler-style economic programs, managed to rescue the country by getting us into war with Germany and Japan.

Following the defeat of Hillary (Pay up or Shut up) Clinton by Donald (No Vagina) Trump, Krugman presciently and brilliantly predicted the immediate financial and economic devastation of the United States. With the stock market shooting to record heights, unemployment shrinking to multi-decade lows, African-Americans reaching never-before-seen levels of prosperity, consumer confidence at rarely seen highs, and middle income people receiving tax cuts, one has to admit Krugman was right on target. Who else could have predicted such a disaster? The N.Y. Times is lucky to have him.

Krugman’s gleaming insights were so mind-numbing that even the Trump administration found a new respect for Krugman’s analytic skills. Just the other day, Trump adopted the economic development plan Krugman proposed to Emperor Obama and announced his administration wants to establish a military space force. He immediately ordered NASA to find evidence of life on Mars so that the Joint Chiefs of Staff can prepare a battle plan to repel the invasion.

Has Krugman finally normalized Trump?

Anarcho-capitalism: Time for a rebranding

If you look at the upper half of this blog page you will notice that I describe myself as an Agoranist, an advocate of Agoranism. The term is my neologism, offered as an alternative to the silly, offensive, misleading, and unhelpful term “anarcho-capitalism.” Agoranism derives from the Greek word “agora,” …Continue Reading “Anarcho-capitalism: Time for a rebranding”